Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival (London, ON) June 8-9, 2019

Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival (London, ON) June 8-9, 2019

Date: June 24, 2019
Author: Dragons Abreast
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Hello DA,

Fortunately for us summer arrived for our weekend of paddling in celebration of Rowbust’s 20th Anniversary.

Thank you Doreen for arranging for the team to stay at Fanshawe College. The accommodations were great and a short drive to the venue.

Kathy,  who unfortunately was unable to paddle, graciously volunteered to bring lunch fixings for all us. Kathy set up a table in her room and we gathered Friday evening to make our lunches for Saturday.  Thank you Kathy… brilliant idea.

Thank you to Doreen, Cheryl, Fiona, Linda, Christine, June and Eleanor for helping out Pink Crusaders and Pink Sensations. Your paddling and drumming skills were most appreciated.

Our newbies Jennifer and Tammy were amazing and are no longer racing virgins!

It is always wonderful to have supporters….Thank you Kathy, Marilou, Pam, hubbies Al, Jim, Zef (not sure I have your hubby’s name right Elena) and Charles.

Anne, thank you for steering us safely through the rough waters and our races. And also for bringing our tent and banner.

Saturday was the Community Race Day and fundraiser for Rowbust. Our first race of the morning was at 10:01 Race 12.  We came in second with a time of 2:52.39 behind Dragon Dream Team-Dream from the U.S. with a time of 2:37.66.

This first race gave us a C Division status and we raced in the semi final at 12:40 p.m. Race 22 and came in third with a time of 2:55.86 behind the Lions avec les pats a l’eau (translation: Lions with their paws in the water) with a time of 2:50:74.

Yippee! we made it to the C Division final.  By this time in the afternoon 3:03 p.m., Race 35 the winds had picked up and the waters were rough.  It was a tough race and we were able to pull off a fourth place time of 3:09.11 ….no medal.  In first place Lions avec les Pats a l’leau with a time of 2:52.47. Those darn Lions.

Back to our digs for a bit of a rest, cleanup and off to Rowbust’s Gala at Centennial Hall to celebrate Rowbust’s 20th.  Lovely evening of dinner, speeches and door prizes.  The hall was packed.

Doreen was presented with the flower arrangement from the table by Linda which Doreen brought to the site the next day to adorn our picnic table.

Sunday morning we all took part in a fun warm-up with all ten BCS teams.

Quite a beautiful sight!

Sunday’s fun BCS event consisted of a 100m race, a 200m knockoff race, a jumbled 1200m race and a BCS flower ceremony.  Our last event was supposed to consist of a on water scavenger hunt, but we all confessed to being too tired and it was cancelled.

DA loved the 100m race! Knocked out first round in the 200m knock-outs and thoroughly enjoyed meeting new BCS sisters in the mixed boats for the 1200m race.  Rowbust presented all racers with a participatory medal.

Rowbust gave us lunch vouchers and we all enjoyed hamburgers and more plus pie and ice cream. Some of us splurged and paid for a Kwartha’s ice cream cone!

In our gift bag from Rowbust we each received a “Stronger Together” head band and at the Gala a “Stronger Together” fridge magnet.

Without a doubt Rowbust did an amazing job organizing and pulling off a brilliant weekend in celebration of their 20th Anniversary;  Kudos Rowbust!

Lot’s of pictures were taken. Here are but  a few….

Thank you all for a super weekend.

Your Captains,

Joanna and Doreen









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