Hamilton Dragon Boat Festival 2017

Hamilton Dragon Boat Festival 2017

Date: July 9, 2017
Author: Ruth Mallin
Category: News

Hamilton Regatta 2017

Outstanding day today!  We raced quite a few races and improved as a team over the course of the day.  We capped the day off paddling hard for 2,000m – and although we did not “win”, we beat 5 of the 11 teams in the race which I think is amazing (considering the competition).

Thank you to everyone who showed up to race today; we needed every one of us in the boat working smoothly together as a team.

Congratulations to our new members competing in their first Dragons Abreast regatta, and for making it through their first breast cancer survivor carnation ceremony.

Co-captains Linda Sunderland and Shelley McCaughtry

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