Hamilton Waterfest Dragon Boat Festival – July 6, 2019

Hamilton Waterfest Dragon Boat Festival – July 6, 2019

Date: August 13, 2019
Author: Dragons Abreast
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Subject: Congratulations Hamilton Crew!

Hi everyone,

Nikki and I want to thank you for your outstanding efforts on Saturday. They certainly paid off- FIRST in the 200 meter with a time of 58.11 and coming in second… by just a split second, in the Breast Cancer Division with a time of 2.29.80.   Congratulations on winning a Silver Medal!!

So glad our newbies, Michelle, Jennifer and Tammy will soon enjoy the joy of wearing and showing off their first “Bling” ….Just the beginning of many medals I am sure, for these enthusiastic and dedicated new members of DA .

Mother Nature didn’t make it easy between the beating sun, thunder, lightening and rain. It was disappointing we didn’t get to do all of our races and show off our 2000 m paddling skills but in talking to Richard, it appears we made the right decision to leave. The 500 meter races didn’t finish until after 5 pm and the 2000 were not over until past 7. A very long time to wait between races, time that was well spent for those of us who went to Hutch’s for really great fish & chips. Many thanks to Alina for suggesting we indulge in this decedent reward.

Also many thanks to Fiona for her time keeping skills and for sharing the pictures below, to Anne for lugging the tent and her expert steering ability, to Richard for his words of advice, encouragement and fairness in setting the boat, to all those who willingly sat out, to Nikki and Mary for being fantastic, b..t..chy drummers and to the whole crew for giving your all and for making it a fun day.

Your the best,

Pat on behalf of your co-captains (Nikki and Pat)


Dragons Abreast take first in the 200 m heat at 58.11 seconds!


Dragons Abreast finish 2nd by 1/10 of a second in the 500 m BCS final at 2.29.80!




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