Outer Harbour Women’s Regatta May 26, 2019

Outer Harbour Women’s Regatta May 26, 2019

Date: June 5, 2019
Author: Dragons Abreast
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Dragons Abreast had a great day of racing at Outer Harbour’s Women’s Regatta at ?? Heart Lake – May 26, 2019

Message from our Captain “Capt. Jo” (Joanna Chrystal):

Ladies you did an awesome job today.  We have a medal for 3rd in the C division. 3/100 a second off coming in second. Photo finish. I will bring the medals to practice on

Thank you Richard for your coaching skills, encouragement, your enthusiasm and positivity. We are and will be even stronger
with you as our coach.

A big thanks to Diane Ruygrok, Judith Lang, Marlene Jenkins, Marjory Robinson, Bonnie Howells and Kathy Ng for helping us to qualify.

On that note, we only get stronger if we come out to practice and try to do some sort of training in between paddling.  In the weeks leading up to Regina your attendance is crucial.  Life does get in the way but the DA Rep Crew should be a priority.

I had a great day and loved being your Captain and drummer.

Capt . Jo signing off


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