Pickering Dragon Boat Festival – June 1, 2019

Pickering Dragon Boat Festival – June 1, 2019

Date: June 6, 2019
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Pickering Dragon Boat Festival – June 1, 2019

Message from our Captain (Jane Campbell):

“Regina bound DA team,

Thank you everyone for making a huge effort to arrive early. Louise was on site holding a spot for our tent at 5:45 am!!! Wow! She snuck into the neighbourhood and got a great parking spot.  It is possible to find parking if you come early. Some of us, along with the Pickering paddlers parked at the school on Oklahoma Dr a few blocks from the park.

Despite uneven competition and no other BCS teams we managed a first place medal in the BCS division?.

Best part of the day was qualifying for Regina! We had an uneven first race, but after that our timing improved, along with our starts.
Keep these times for future reference. We have to improve our 500 metre time if we want to be competitive in Regina.  So… hit the gym and come to practice and little by little we will make improvements.  We can do this, but we have to be committed to do it together. Joanna is going to share some workout suggestions from Richard.

Thank you Kathy Ng for coming to both Outer Harbour and Pickering to show your support and ID despite not paddling. We know you will be paddling soon and helping us reach our goals in Regina!

Thank you Akaash for registering us and laying the groundwork for waivers and helping smooth the hiccups with Katy Dunlop, the administrator. Also, thanks for working with Richard to set the lineup.

Big thanks to Ann for schlepping the tent and managing its erection!

Thanks Alina for keeping Joanna warm, and feeding us with your magic lentil cookies.

Thank you Marlene for having the courage to join our crazy group of women…our sisterhood gets bigger and the bonds grow stronger with each new member.

Bonnie, your experience and helpful suggestions are always appreciated. Thanks for coming back to us.

Thanks to the drivers and everyone else for a successful day. Individually and collectively we are strong.”


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