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Welcome to Dragons Abreast Toronto

We are Toronto’s first breast cancer paddler dragon boat team, dedicated to improving fitness and quality of life for breast cancer survivors. Established in 1997, we are now one of over 150 breast cancer survivor teams worldwide that serve to promote dragon boating as part of a healthy lifestyle, and provide a unique support for those fighting cancer.

We are a diverse community of people who have shared a life-changing experience, and the dragon boat is a symbol of our survivor-ship and strength. By taking part in this challenging, yet gratifying sport, we strive to achieve our personal best in hopes of empowering and inspiring others who are going through this journey.

Events Calendar

Be sure to stay updated when we will be in the next regatta and event! Check out our upcoming events calendar here.

About Us

Dragons Abreast is a dragon boat team whose mission is to demonstrate that those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer can lead full, active and healthy lives after diagnosis.  Our Story

Join Us

If you are interested in having fun, getting fit, and joining a great group of women who love to raise awareness about life after breast cancer, join us! We welcome new members – no previous paddling experience required. Learn more +

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PIRATES on the HUMBER – Paddle the Humber 2020

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To continue Dragon Abreast’s work in supporting breast cancer survivors across the Greater Toronto Area transition back to active lives through dragon boating we need your help.

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A donation to Dragons Abreast Toronto takes on special meaning when made in honor or memory of someone you care about.


Sponsor Us

Dragons Abreast Toronto is honored and grateful for the generous sponsorship of Anita Canada, who supports our mission and provides vital funding to offset our operating costs.


Dragons Abreast is 100% volunteer based.

For information on how to sponsor the team: Sponsor

As a non-profit organization, we rely on sponsors, friends and team fundraising.

Your generosity is appreciated and helps us spread the word to encourage survivors to take action for their health.  Thank you.

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